John P. Hussman Foundation $100,000 Matching Grant

Through the generosity of John Hussman and his foundation, every dollar donated to the Les Turner ALS Foundation will be matched one for one up to $100,000! With each paid registration, $1,000 will be matched. Any general donation made to the ALS Foundation through our links will also be matched.

The mission of the John P. Hussman Foundation is to provide life-changing assistance through medical research, education, and direct aid to vulnerable individuals having urgent needs or significant disabilities.

To achieve the greatest impact, the Foundation emphasizes projects having the capacity to save or significantly improve lives, at a small financial commitment per person affected. These projects are often on the margin that divides a modest amount of help from nothing at all.

The Hussman Foundation seeks to “tip the balance” in critical areas where research or intervention can significantly alter the course of individual lives, and where resources would otherwise not be available. The Foundation also helps organizations to develop grant-writing and reporting procedures so they can secure long-term funding from broader sources.

Foundation projects include:

  • supporting promising medical research in autism, diabetes, malaria and other conditions, along under-funded lines of investigation;
  • establishing model programs in a variety of fields that can provide springboards for broad replication (e.g. educational inclusion, pediatric diabetes testing), and;
  • providing emergency or “stop-gap” assistance to health programs and schools in impoverished countries, where individuals suffer life-threatening diseases or are displaced without access to basic education, stable living conditions, or human rights.