Wine Country Conference May 1st & 2nd, 2014

Investment Ideas Hidden In Plain Sight

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Featuring John Hussman, Mike “Mish” Shedlock, Stephanie Pomboy, Steen Jakobsen, Chris Martenson, Mebane Faber, Jim Bruce and Axel Merk!

The Lodge at Sonoma Resort & Spa

Hosted by Mike “Mish” Shedlock, Sitka Pacific Capital Management, and the Hussman Foundation for the benefit of Autism programs and research. Net proceeds will be dispersed by the Autism Society of America.

On May 1st and 2nd 2014, we will gather in beautiful Sonoma, CA for the 2nd annual Wine Country Conference. Like the inaugural gathering, this year’s WCC will bring together some of the strongest independent thinkers participating in and analyzing the financial markets today. The intimate setting allows for a high quality dialogue between our featured speakers and our attendees, which are a balance of smart and sophisticated private and professional investors.

Attendees will hear from speakers and participate in conversations about big and important ideas that escape the myopic focus of most market participants. Our speakers bring diverse perspectives built on varied academic backgrounds, business experiences, investment philosophies and processes, and areas of expertise.

The conference will cover a variety of topics likely to include debt, deficits, and demographics, private deleveraging, current economic conditions, market valuations, and the interplay of these with current and future monetary policy. We will delve into different ideas about what we can and should do, as investors, individuals, and citizens to best navigate what lies ahead. We will address the questions of how to protect and grow real wealth, counteract financial repression, and create robustness in our personal and professional endeavors. We provide webinar on software applications that are designed for autonomous trading. The Bitcoin revolution reviews 2020 will provide you further information.

In short, we will be addressing big, important issues which are beyond the typical myopic view of mainstream investors, economists, experts, and media sources—issues which are either often missed—or even ignored. We will be discussing that which is hidden in plain sight.  We will assemble as a diverse group of speakers and attendees with common traits of independent views and objective analyses free from the strongly biased approach taken by the pundits most frequently heard from.

While we will be discussing that which is hidden in plain sight, we will also be raising much needed funds for members of the community who are also often hidden in plain sight. Net proceeds from the conference will be specially designated for high-impact programming on the local level for individuals on the autism spectrum and their families. Individual grant requests will be jointly considered by the Autism Society of America and the Hussman Foundation.


The conference will be held for a half day on Thursday afternoon May 1, a full day Friday May 2. There will be a screening of Money For Nothing: Inside the Federal Reserve, a feature-length documentary that seeks to unveil America’s central bank and its impact on our economy and our society, followed by a Q&A with Director Jim Bruce. There will also be a break-out session with a couple of speakers with one session focusing on building valuation-based investment processes and one session focused on how to make healthy personal financial decisions during periods of extreme change.

Friday night will feature a special VIP speaker’s dinner where attendance is limited to 35 paying attendees, speakers and their guests. The dinner will be a chance for some more intimate conversations over world class food and drink in delightful wine country.

Some attendees may choose to make a weekend of it and spend Saturday enjoying a few of Sonoma and Napa county’s favorite activities like golf, wine tasting, hiking or biking. Spouses and other guests are welcome.

We have blocked off a small number of rooms at the Lodge for the weekend. Please see Lodging, Travel & Social Info for details.

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