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Speaker Presentation Slides

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Conference Welcome: JJ Abodeely & Mike “Mish” Shedlock

Mish and Chris Martenson: “Hidden in Plain Sight: Money, Banks, and Lending

Axel Merk: “Investing in a Rising Rate Environment

Screening condensed version of Money For Nothing: Inside the Federal Reserve 

Bring your drinks back to conference room for Panel Discussion and Q&A on Money For Nothing featuring Director Jim Bruce, Steen Jakobsen, Axel Merk, and John Hussman

John Hussman “A Very Mean Reversion”; Q&A with Mebane Faber. Article by R. Huebscher of Advisor Perspectives

Stephanie Pomboy “Confessions of Ben Bernanke”; Q&A with Mish

Mebane Faber “Global Stock Valuations“; Q&A with JJ Abodeely

Panel Conversation: John Hussman, Mebane Faber, Stephanie Pomboy

Steen Jakobsen “State of Flux”; Q&A with Stephanie Pomboy

Chris Martenson “The Coming Wealth Transfer: Creating a World Worth Inheriting“; Q&A during breakout

Break out groups:

  • Chris Martenson & Mish on how to protect and grow real wealth, counteract financial repression, and create robustness in our personal and professional endeavors; moderated by Adam Taggart of Peak Prosperity.
  • John Hussman and Mebane Faber on incorporating a top-down valuation framework into the investment process; moderated by JJ Abodeely of Sitka Pacific Capital Management.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock “Misconceptions, Misperceptions, and Blind Spots”; Q&A with Steen Jakobsen

Panel Conversation: Steen Jakobsen, Chris Martenson, and Mish

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General Session plus VIP Speakers Dinner: $2,500 ($600 in goods and services delivered, remainder is tax-deductible donation to the Autism Society of America)

Limited to just 35 registrants, the VIP Speakers Dinner will include a private dinner and drinks and an opportunity for more intimate discussions