2013 Agenda, Slides, and Media Coverage

Here you will find the slides from each of the speaker presentations (Michael Pettis did not use slides). If you like and appreciate hearing from these speakers, please consider making a donation to further ALS research and/or please plan on attending our 2014 Wine Country Conference in April 2014 where we will be raising money for Autism. You can enter your email address in the sidebar to receive periodic updates about the 2014 event.

Friday, April 5, 2013

8-8:45am Registration with Coffee and Pastries

8:45am: Conference Welcome: Mike “Mish” Shedlock & JJ Abodeely

9am: John Hussman- 2013 WCC slides “An Unstable Equilibrium”

9:45am: John Mauldin- 2013 WCC slides “Unsustainability”; Q&A with Lauren Lyster

10:30am: Refreshment and Networking Break

11am: Chris Martenson- 2013 WCC slides “Shifting Baselines”; Q&A with John Mauldin

11:45am: Panel Conversation: John Hussman, Jim Mauldin, Chris Martenson with Lauren Lyster

12:15pm: Lunch and Networking Break

1:15pm: Jim Chanos- 2013 WCC slides “China: The Edifice Complex”; Q&A with Lauren Lyster

2pm:  Michael Pettis; Q&A with Jim Chanos

2:45pm: Short Break

3pm: Mike “Mish” Shedlock- 2013 WCC slides “Brief Lessons in History”; Q&A with Chris Martenson

3:45pm: Panel Conversation: Jim Chanos, Michael Pettis, and Mish Shedlock with John Mauldin

4pm: Wendy Abrams: Les Turner ALS Foundation

4:25pm: Closing Remarks with Mish and JJ

4:30pm: Cocktail Reception

7pm: VIP Speakers Dinner at Nicholson Ranch Winery

Media Coverage

Bob Huebscher’s of Advisor Perspectives:

Michael Pettis- Can China Save Itself?

John Hussman – Why Prospective Returns Are Low

 Yahoo! Finance’s Lauren Lyster Interviews:

Banks Are Not as Bad as You Think: Michael Pettis

Plenty of Things to Worry About in China, Bird Flu Is Not One: Michael Pettis

Don’t Depend on Bank Deposit Insurance: Mike Shedlock

China Has Been and Will Continue to Be a Bad Place to Invest: Jim Chanos

Ackman, Einhorn Deserve Applause for Exposing Fraud: Jim Chanos

Stay Away From U.S. Tech Firms: Jim Chanos

S&P 500 May Fall More Than 40% By Fall: Chris Martenson

The Real Reason the U.S. Economy Won’t Take Off: Chris Martenson

U.S. Stock Market Is ‘Overvalued, Overbought and Overbullish’: John Hussman